Dr. Dina Saleh

Dr. Dina Saleh


Consultant Pediatric / Neurology Division

Professional statement :

Dr. Dina Saleh; is currently working as a Consultant Pediatric; Neurology department at Kids Heart Medical center, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dr. Dina has completed her general pediatric and pediatric neurology training in Egypt. She has graduated from Ain Shams University, Egypt in year 1998. She completed her postgraduate training, masters and doctorate degree and joined the faculty at Ain Shams University in year 2003. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology in Ain Shams University, Egypt, Cairo since 2012 to date. Dr Dina did the Penry Mini-fellowship in Pediatric Epilepsy in USA, 2010.

She worked as Pediatric Neurologist for almost 4.5 years at Mafraq hospital from 2010 to 2014. She joined the American center of Psychiatry and Neurology for three years from 2014 to 2017.

She has been in practice for more than 16 years. She is experienced in the following areas:

  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders.
  • Headaches and Migraines.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Diagnosis and management of neuromuscular conditions.
  • Movement disorders like tics, tremors, dystonia and spasticity.
  • Developmental monitoring and neonatal neurology.
  • Cerebrovascular stroke management.
  • Cerebral Palsy diagnosis and follow up.
  • Neuro-metabolic conditions.
  • Diagnosis of Neuro-genetic conditions and counseling.
  • Neuro-behavioural conditions.
  • Autism.
  • ttention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Highly specialized skills in the field :

  • Skilled in procedures using Botulinum toxin injections for treating muscular spasticity.
  • Programming vagus nerve stimulator for children with epilepsy.
  • Ketogenic diet for children with epilepsy.
  • Reading and reporting EEG.

Education and professional memberships :

  • Graduated, MBBCH, 1998.
  • Master degree, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 2003.
  • Doctorate degree in Pediatrics, with neurology as subspecialty, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, 2007.
  • Penry Mini-fellowship in Pediatric Epilepsy in USA, 2010.
  • MazovianNeuro-rehabilitation course for Management of cerebral palsy with Botulinum toxin in Poland, 2014.
  • Member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and the Egyptian Society of Child Neuro-Psychiatry (ESCNP).
  • Member of the task force of the UAE chapter of the international league against epilepsy.
  • Member of the European pediatric neurology society and member of the British Pediatric Neurology Association.
  • Member of the American Academy for cerebral palsy and developmental medicine (AACPDM).

Awards and Publications :

  • The Reach for the Starts Award for international publication and research from Mafraq hospital and Award for outstanding work in the Epilepsy Awareness Campaign in Abu Dhabi in 2013.
  • She is an avid writer, authoring many peer-reviewed and public health publications focusing on neurological diseases. She has presented numerous posters at national and international conferences.

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